About us


Company Profile:


A.SUSTIEL LTD. Company was founded in 1999, by Itzik Sustiel.


The main field of the company's activity, is the production of precise mechanic parts using a range of different computerized CNC machines.


The company has ISO 9001-2008 certification.


The company manufactures highly precise parts, according to customer requirements, with flexibility on manufacturing projects in large and small quantities, as well as production models and prototypes. The company provides finished parts including coatings and assemblies, based on customer requirements.


A. SUSTIEL LTD. Provides consulting and technical solutions from the initial idea to the final product, accompanied by engineers in the field of machinery and industrial management with extensive experience in their respective fields. The company prides itself on swift responses for price quotes and quick delivery dates.
Finished products are presented with precision and high quality.



5 CNC machining centers fourth axis,

Workspace dimensions of the machine is up to X1050mm Y600mm Z550mm.

Conventional lathe and milling machine.

Dedicated computer workstations – Cimatron, Solidcam.


Dedicated Quality assurance room containing calibrated audit tools including:

  • BATY comparator with a computer system by Metronics.

  • TESA height up to 600mm with all types of probes.

  • All types of gauges measurable necessary for production - screw gauges, Finnish, Johnson blocks for measuring the width.

  • All gauges and micrometers.


Industry Sectors:


The company provides machining services for many industrial sectors, including:

  • Electronic industries.

  • Optical industries.

  • Laser industries.

  • Medical manufacturing industries - medical devices including accessories for laser surgery, dental technicians equipment, etc.

  • Broadcast and reception industries, media and telephone - power supplies, switching, etc.

  • Automotive and transportation industry.

  • Food Industry - machines, conveyors and moving parts.

  • Microwave industry.

  • Pre-press companies.

  • And more...